Nikula 10-30×25 monocular telescope…

Nikula 10-30×25 monocular telescope or "in search of good optics from China".

I realized that I needed open spaces and went to an abandoned quarry, where there is a good view and some remoteness. lens sizes
I have not seen other versions of this monocular, but it turns out they exist.
Tripod and rope mounts phone zoom

to the city center, but there are no special spaces.
And now through the monocular
The search for good portable optics and inexpensively continues and this time the subject of the review will be the Nikula 10-30×25 monocular telescope. There is nothing interesting in the kit.
Let’s look at the center cities. Almost like gophers in the distance.
A little blunt, but with a belt clip A good person here recommended me to look at products from this brand, I became interested and let’s see what came of it. But when you zoom in on the phone, you can see a dark car in the distance, and through the monocular I perfectly saw its numbers. She also strongly discourages looking at the sun through a monocular. Let’s look to the left
And 30

This sample is close to what you want because it is better than the previous ones. The search goes on with varying success and the subject that satisfies my desires still did not come across. Yes, and the smartphone camera does not transmit the real picture that I saw, no matter how hard I tried to focus in the monocular lens.
30x Although not Peter, and not London, but somewhere that’s equally remote from them. But there are some disadvantages …
Another relatively useful thing is a pouch Therefore, we are waiting for the day off, take a tripod, a monocular and go to the same place as always.
And now to the same place with a multiplicity of 10 And the middle one is the focal length

And as much as possible Somewhere around 1 km
Now let’s look at the subject in detail. And the weather was the same as always – light fog and dampness.
Maximum dimensions were 20cm*3cm, roughly speaking Tests! However, let’s look at everything in order. Delivery according to the track is quite prompt
But I don’t know if it’s a child’s hand or a woman’s? First of all, I will indicate that the product was not provided for the review. According to it, you can change the focal length from very slight distances to unlimited distances. 10x
The only thing of interest is the instruction. And the review was done for my own pleasure and at will.
I think everyone who is interested in this has long known that I am gradually looking for good optics and thus embody the long-standing unsatisfied desire of a harsh childhood.
Let’s look to the right < br /> Unless you’re a fan of pirates, of course. And when folded < br /> Although everything that should be is there, everything is in place.
30x allows you to see that it is almost 13:20 on the clock
Of all the contents, Is that the pixels to consider?
Unpacking video
A thread to complete it with the right accessories? I checked the mode of operation at a distance of half a meter, but I don’t see any practical sense in this. Dimensions! In the pictures in the store – this contraption seems to be a real telescope. And the bottom one allows you to adjust the sharpness But I didn’t post the photo for obvious reasons. Even after a 4x digital zoom by the camera – not much is seen
The hologram obviously does not add multiplicity, but it attracts attention.
According to the instructions, the upper movable part regulates the multiplicity of 10-30.